Proudly Offering
3D Scanning , Editing and Printed Models!

Does your office have an in oral scanner?
Send us your scans and we do the rest!

*Digital removal of brackets – this means you can have your patient come in weeks ahead of their appointment, scan with brackets on, and have their retainer in hand the day they come back for removal!

  • *Resetting of teeth
  • *Stripping
  • *Band Sizing

If you do not have an in office scanner, we offer to scan and edit any models or impressions. A great way to store finished cases and avoid the hassle of bulking study models.

We are very excited to offer you our 3D printing service! Stone and plaster models are quickly becoming a thing of the past. We can build you any appliance on our 3D beauties just as we could on plaster/stone! They’re great looking models to keep on hand and can be rebuilt on if your patient loses or damages their appliance; or if you choose so, to give them to your patient. We also keep your scan on hand, so never fear if you need a quick reprint (unless you see necessary for a new scan).

Our 3D models are also a great alternative to stone/plaster study models!