Clear Aligners

Smile Shapers are fabricated to have unparalleled strength and invisibility, so that patients will never have to worry about noticeable cracks or stains. Our clear aligners help you save money by offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional braces and reducing valuable chair time. Not only will aligners be created specifically for patients’ needs and teeth, but their treatment plan will also be specific to their case. Fabricated out of a clear resin, our aligners disappear on top of dentition. Completely unnoticeable, your patients will never have to deal with unseemly stains as long as they follow the simple cleaning guidelines. Traditional orthodontic braces complicate cleaning, eating, and are only removable by the doctor. Our aligners easily snap on and off patient’s teeth and simplify tasks, such as maintenance and eating.


Acrylic Art

Removable Appliances

Clear Aligners

DistalJet / DMAX

Functional Appliances

Functional Appliances Our Adams’s clasps are customized for each individual patient.
While some labs use prefabricated clasps and wires,

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We are a premier orthodontic lab located in Yorktown, Virginia, with over 25 years of experience and the highest standards, serving the Hampton Roads Tidewater area and beyond.  We are a certified 3-D lab offering scanning, editing and printing.  Our mission is to combine art and science to produce the finest appliances available for fair prices, while building superior relationships and unique partnerships along the way with those who appreciate our vision for value and excellence.  It is our goal to deliver exceptional service to assist you in streamlining your efforts while eliminating any lab frustrations you may have encountered.  Let us provide you with functional and beautiful custom orthodontic appliances:  It only takes one work order to see how much ARTORTHO can benefit you.

Our Reputations

Listen to the professionals...

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Jeff Edmondson at Art Orthodontic Laboratory since 1990. From the beginning, Jeff has had the highest of work ethics and standards and has provided our practice with high-quality orthodontic appliances that are ready for chair-side insertion without needing adjustment. In addition, his study models are made to the strictest ABO standards. Jeff has always given our practice personalized attention and when we do need a rushed appliance, he has always been accommodating. I have also drawn on Jeff’s expertise over the years when faced with unique problems. He offers innovative appliances that always meet my patient’s needs. I would never think of using another orthodontic laboratory.